Fired food service worker rams car at Lambeau Field

Police say a fired food service worker rammed a former co-worker's auto at Lambeau Field, bringing numerous law enforcement agencies to the Green Bay Packers' stadium.

Police have scheduled a news conference for 2:30 talk about the Lambeau Field incident.

Police said that last month the suspect fought with the former co-worker he tried to run down, which caused him to lose his job.

Police appear to be congregating around the loading dock near the southern end of the stadium, which they have cordoned off. The suspect was sacked from his job earlier this month after an incident with the victim, according to officials.

The suspect then drove his vehicle down the ramp and inside Lambeau, hitting a food service storage room inside on the field level.

The incident was initially reported as an active shooter situation, however, police are now saying that no people were hurt.

Five vehicles were damaged in the incident. Smith added that no weapons - besides the auto - were involved and no one was injured.

The Packers host the Vikings Saturday night.

"There's absolutely nothing with tomorrow's game that's going to be affected at all", Smith said.

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