Ryanair says formally recognises Irish pilots' union

Ryanair confirmed on Tuesday that not only would it recognise pilot unions but also those for cabin crew

Ryanair confirmed on Tuesday that not only would it recognise pilot unions but also those for cabin crew

German union VC called for the strike on Thursday and said that 16 flights would be affected.

Ryanair's conditional offer to recognize pilot unions prompted unions in other European countries to suspend their strike plans.

"Ryanair continues to play for time and as a result prevents the launch of collective bargaining", said VC negotiator Ingolf Schumacher.

The union representing Ryanair pilots in Germany has announced that it is calling for the airline's German-based pilots to strike tomorrow - Friday, December 22 - from 5am to 9am (04.00 to 08:00 UTC) at all German airports.

"Ryanair has also submitted a set of proposals on pay and conditions, procedures and dispute resolution for its Irish-based pilots, and looks forward to concluding an early agreement on these issues with its Irish Ryanair pilot company council".

The airline had been facing a host of strikes across the Continent but conducted a major U-turn this month that seemed to have warded off the issue by pledging to acknowledge unions - something its boss Michael O'Leary once said would only happen when "hell freezes over".

VC were in Dublin this week with a view to meeting Ryanair and avoiding industrial actionbut the VC said in Thursday's statement that the talks were canceled at short notice because Ryanair refused to engage with two of the five VC members present at the negotiations.

IMPACT has accepted an invitation from Ryanair management to meet on 3 January "to agree a comprehensive recognition agreement that will establish collective bargaining procedures in the airline".

"My colleagues are now considering that correspondence".

Those were the first since Ryanair had offered on Friday to recognise trade unions, prompting the suspension of strike action planned over the busy festive period - when many travellers head overseas for Christmas and New Year celebrations. "We'll also be talking to the representatives of Ryanair pilots who were also involved in Tuesday's meeting", Mr Harbor added.

It came after pilots threatened a one day strike which could still go ahead if a written agreement is not delivered. "We hope to be able to say something with more substance before too long".

Union official Ashley Connolly described it as a historic achievement that would resonate beyond the company.

It said its threat of industrial action had diminished for the time being.

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