Is Apple Old iPhone's Stealth Slow Down IOS Update a SCAM?

Thursday Apple Rumors: Apple May Be Developing Better Batteries

Apple Says It Does Indeed Slow Down Older iPhones As They Age

Apple just admitted it tweaked its operating system to slow certain tasks, to prevent older iPhone batteries from suddenly shutting down, a problem that users complained about earlier this year.

A headline this week about Apple purportedly throttling the performance of older iPhones to preserve battery life has struck a chord on the internet.

The lithium-ion batteries in older devices can't keep up with peak demand for power, Apple says.

Last year, Apple introduced a feature to "smooth out" spikes in demand for power to prevent iPhone 6 models from shutting down due to the cold or weak batteries, according to the California-based company.

Reddit thread explains that to avoid the slowing down you can install a new battery by replacing it yourself (costs only ~$20) or taking it to Apple Store where they replace it for $79.

Apple has finally admitted that it slows down its older iPhones on goal.

The iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 are all impacted. They allege it intentionally interfered with the phones to damage them, which became a "substantial factor in causing ... to replace iPhones, buy new batteries, or loss of usage of their iPhone". So he plotted the kernel density of Geekbench 4 scores for the iPhone 6s on multiple iOS versions. iOS 10.2 turned out to be the version where the performance of the device showed signs of being throttled.

Technology expert John Poole has forced Apple to come clean on the real secret behind Apples marketing and sales success, of why customers are so eager to upgrade to the latest iPhone model, and the answer may surprise you!

One solution to a faster working iPhone could be purchasing a new battery rather than an entire new phone. It will be applied to other Apple devices in the future.

"Our goal is to deliver the best experience for customers, which includes overall performance and prolonging the life of their devices", said an Apple spokeswoman.

Q: Why is this admission from Apple important?

But they say it is for a good reason. The company presumes that typical users are more likely to be impacted by battery life reductions than a small loss in compute performance.

Before you go through the hassle, though, dig through your iPhone's settings (here's how) and see if your battery actually needs to be replaced.

Needle said he would be surprised if Apple isn't the defendant in a class-action lawsuit soon.

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