Cause of death is sought for remains found buried in yard

Cleveland police are investigating a report that a child was buried in the backyard of this home on West 80th Street

Cleveland police are investigating a report that a child was buried in the backyard of this home on West 80th Street

They say Christopher Rodriguez will likely also be charged.

Police in OH received a call from someone in Pakistan Monday, saying that a Cleveland woman had buried her 5-year-old child in her yard. Authorities believe that the body could be that of Jordan Rodriguez, Larissa's son, reports.

Investigations into the disappearance of Jordan Rodriguez, who is mute and developmentally disabled, were launched after the brother of Christopher Rodriguez (the boyfriend of the mother, Larissa Rodriguez) called the police from Pakistan and told officials that Christopher and Larissa had buried Jordan in the backyard after finding him unresponsive.

Monday, they went to the home with cadaver dogs, but found nothing.

As police searched through the house, one of Rodriguez's sisters said they were "disgusted" with her.

The boy, identified only with the first name Jordan, hasn't been seen for weeks, when he allegedly left for Texas with an aunt on December 2, his mother previously claimed.

The arrest affidavit submitted by a Cleveland homicide detective Wednesday said Rodriguez "buried the child inappropriately" and led authorities Tuesday to where his remains could be found.

The home was infested with rats and cockroaches, court records say.

A medical examiner is working to identify the cause of death of a young child whose remains were found in the yard of a Cleveland home after two days of searching for a possible missing child.

In the past, the county took two children away permanently.

Rodriguez said she called the agency multiple times about the family, but nothing was ever done.

Larissa has previously had children removed from her custody, according to County spokeswoman Mary Louise Madigan.

Law enforcement has arrested a mother of nine after they discovered the body of a 5-year-old child in her backyard. "I don't know why they would do this to him". Christopher was already being held at the Medina County Jail, serving a six-month sentence for failing to pay child support. He is now in custody for not paying child support.

The police report states investigators attempted to contact the boy's aunt who allegedly took the child to Texas but were unable to locate her at her Cleveland address.

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