German pilot unions fly in for meeting with Ryanair

Ryanair issued with ultimatum as fresh threat of strike emerges

Ryanair and German pilots discuss union recognition

"This is disappointing given all that's been said in the media over the last five days", they said in a joint statement.

"The union reiterated its position that its mandate for strike action can be implemented, after the required notice is given, in the absence of a timely agreement".

Asked about concerns of financial analysts that unionisation could increase the cost base of the airlines, Mr Harbor said trade unions were productive and constructive partners in negotiations, who represented pilots in every airline operating out of Ireland.

He said Ryanair was honest about embracing the collective bargaining model, and would not be attending today's meeting if they were not.

Ryanair RYA.I sees chances for new bases in France and Scandinavia thanks to its move to recognise unions, the Irish low-priced carrier's Chief Executive Michael O'Leary told Reuters on Tuesday. "It will lead on in the New Year to meetings with other EU pilot unions and cabin crew unions in due course as well".

IMPACT described today's first meeting with management as an important, historic day.

VC said in advance of the meeting that it was looking for reassurances that Ryanair was genuine in its promise to recognize unions and threatened action if it turned out to be a tactic to delay strikes beyond Christmas.

He said Ryanair could base up to 50 planes in France and that the airline had been in touch with pilot unions in France and Denmark already.

It also confirmed it will recognise cabin crew unions.

"Recognising unions will be a significant change for Ryanair, but we have delivered radical change before", Michael O'Leary said.

It wants the company to clarify the detail of it's agreement on Friday - to recognise unions for the first time in the company's history.

The union have warned that their strike action in December is not cancelled, only suspended.


"We have meetings with the German unions tomorrow and Portuguese on Thursday, and we have meetings set up throughout January", he said.

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