Riders rescued after being trapped in Pa. ski lift malfunction

Tussey Mountain

TWITTERSeveral people have been hurt following a ski lift accident at Tussey Mountain

Ropes were used to evacuate those trapped and those hurt received medical attention for minor injuries, 6 News reports.

'At the time the office was notified of a lift malfunction and when this original tweet was made, we were under the impression it was exclusively a lift issue and there were no injuries. "We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused to all of our skiers and snowboarders". So is another employee... Another person wrote, "Difficulties?"

According to UK Mirror, "It's believed several chairs slipped on the cable, causing them to collide with each other during the incident".

Six ambulances, police officers and multiple fire engines are reportedly on the scene. The ski lift was unable to move, forcing emergency crews to lower people with ropes, Eastern Dutchess County Fire and Rescue said. "Their injuries are not thought to be life threatening". He was in the lodge, helping to keep track of the people who were coming down from the lift.

Twitter users responded angrily to a tweet the mountain's staff sent out immediately after the accident which included the hashtag "sorry".

In one photo, five lift chairs appear to be squashed together, pinning helpless skiiers against each other in temperatures of just 1C.

It took ski patrol and emergency officials about two hours to evacuate those who were stranded on the lift.

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