Local groups compete to raise money for the Salvation Army

Local groups compete to raise money for the Salvation Army

Local groups compete to raise money for the Salvation Army

However, do you know the ones that courageous the elements to help our neighbors?

For Salvation Army staffers, it confirms what they already knew, that the people of Northwest Pennsylvania would not let families in need down this Christmas.

But donations are down in a year that the goal is higher: $390,000.

Forbes notes that The Salvation Army's annual red kettle campaign fell slightly from $1.9 billion to $1.88 billion.

Ringers are needed until the drive ends December 23, she said.

Baggett never complains about the cold or asks for very much.

At The Salvation Army, the month of December is always one of excitement and worry. It's a trend being felt across the country.

"Every year we see new faces, new situations" at Western Fair, Wise said.

Catholic Social Services director Mike Tonks said people were no longer dealing with income issues alone and social isolation and family issues were becoming more common.

George says they will ring one day less because Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year and the bell ringers will not be out.

Scroggins said holiday music and younger bell ringers usually lead to more contributions. "They just can't afford to eat".

"Be creative, play an instrument, play songs, sing songs dress up your pet or your kids", she said. That was like 30 years ago. And the bells were ringing despite the rain.

Inside Westgate Mall, attempting to appeal to shoppers loaded with purchases in the climate-controlled environment, I suspect that many did not take pity on me as the year before.

"I decided I wanted a way to give and give back and follow his model and his example", Baggett said. With giving you will receive happiness within you.

The first person to donate slipped in a couple of bills in the plastic kettle, and I was hoping somehow like a Christmas miracle that the pair of bills would multiply like proverbial rabbits.

Today, Curtis's dad, Allie Bagget, would have been 110 years old.

The owners of a doughnut shop in Maine, Holy Donut, had to publicly apologize for asking The Salvation Army to help them find a family in need this Christmas after they were attacked online earlier this month.

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