Microsoft is giving Bing new AI smarts in the battle against Google

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Microsoft is giving Bing new AI smarts in the battle against Google

Microsoft has taken the wraps off new artificial intelligence features for its search engine Bing, as well as Cortana and Office 365.

Bing trails far behind Google the search engine market, sitting at less than 6 percent to Google's 81 percent. The features rolling out today, Microsoft said, include intelligent search, conversational search and intelligent image search.

Microsoft is adding other features to Bing as well.

These updates follow Microsoft's introduction of a public preview of Whiteboard, its collaboration app for teams. They also come the same week that Microsoft pledged an additional $50 million to its "AI for Earth" climate change program.

Though Google dominates search engine activity in the U.S., Microsoft still handles more than 20 percent of search queries in the U.S.

Microsoft is giving Bing new AI smarts in the battle against Google

To find the appropriate perspectives, Bing is using neural networks -AI-driven computer systems based on human brains- to search for possible answers across multiple authoritative sources.

The partnership is also focused on taking the detailed, highly-localized info from Reddit posts and funneling it into Bing searches so that users with similar prompts can be given more nuanced answers. For questions that have multiple answers, Bing will present the information in a carousel. "Search has really moved on". The company has added new AI features to Office 365 which will enable the users to make their daily work easy and fast. Research honcho Harry Shum also welcomed Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian onstage to introduce a deal between the two companies which will integrate material from Reddit's communities into Bing results.

Intelligent Image Search is a pretty interesting evolution, allowing users to dive into searches so that you cannot only find a photo of a celebrity but you can find more images of a piece of jewelry they are wearing. The latest update will now allow users to isolate an item in a photo and search for that specific item on the web.

Starting next month, Cortana will be able to sort emails across Outlook and Gmail, and offer voice-spoken summaries of the most important ones. However, you can download the beta version from here in order to get early an access to the features. There's no timeline available for the rollout of these features, but Cortana will soon be able to chain skills, helping interactions to feel more natural. For example, if you are booking event tickets, Cortana will automatically suggest adding the event details to your calendar.

Partnering with CM Launcher will let Microsoft broaden Cortana's reach among Android users, many of whom like to customize their experience via launcher apps that are responsible for the home screen and organizing and launching their apps.

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