Fight The Predator In Ghost Recon Wildlands From Today

Fight The Predator In Ghost Recon Wildlands From Today

Fight The Predator In Ghost Recon Wildlands From Today

Ghost Recon Wildlands will see the release of new content and a special guest today following a small 4h server maintenance for the upcoming Update 2: Jungle Storm.

You'll be tasked with hunting down the Predator in the new DLC - which is likely to prove a tough challenge, even for veterans of the game.

If you haven't purchased Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Ubisoft has one word for you.

The alien hunter will be part of a special challenge where players, either alone or as groups of up to four, will have to survive the onslaught and eventually take down the Predator.

Nouredine Abboud, senior producer at Ubisoft, said: "At Ubisoft Paris, we have been fans of the Predator for a long time and are thrilled to bring such an iconic character to our game".

After teasing some heat-map styled images, Ubisoft has officially revealed that Predator (yes, that Predator) will be coming to its tactical-shooter, Ghost Recon: Wildlands, on 14 December.

If successful, and you manage to kill the Predator, you'll unlock some exclusive new items, including the Predator mask for your character, which features a new Predator vision mode.

Ubisoft is including a Ghost War PvP mode that features a new soldier that is inspired by Dutch, who Arnold Schwarzenegger played in the movie "Predator". This new Special Challenge is playable solo or up to four-player co-op and is the most hard fight of all Ghost Recon Wildlands.

In addition to the free challenge mission, the update adds a presumably not-free " Predator Pack" to the in-game store that includes attacks, weapons, and other customisation items inspired by the original movie. Ghost War players will be able to access the new class through the Ghost War Pass or the Season Pass, or by using their Prestige Points directly.

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