You can finally order the Google Home Max in the US

You can finally order the Google Home Max in the US

You can finally order the Google Home Max in the US

The Google Home Max is ready to ship as of today. It can now be ordered from Best Buy for $399 in Charcoal and Chalk colour options.

Control your smart home: Make premium sound the center of your smart home. You can even wirelessly pair two Maxes together for stereo sound.

Just a little while ago, Google Home Max listings went live on both Best Buy and Verizon. For the extra price, you are getting a lot of things on the Home Max, and if you care about sound quality, you will want the Max over the regular Home.

Google Home Max utilizes machine learning to automatically adjust equalizer settings based on the acoustics of your room. It's available in two colors, Chalk and Charcoal, and was made with lovely yet durable fabric, developed from scratch to allow your music to be heard without distortion. If you have a compatible smart plug, try saying, "Hey Google, turn on the Christmas tree and play Jingle Bells". It's 20 times more powerful than Google Home, so it will fill any room in your home with awesome audio. Even if you move Max from one spot to another, it'll continuously tune itself to the room, so your music will sound one step closer to the studio. Plus, Google Home Max can complete two tasks at once. You can put the speaker as per your requirements and space. This is the most advanced system available in the market which features a set of advanced features. The system also features dual-woofers and tweeters and connectivity with Google Play, Pandora and Spotify.

The new generation, Google Home Max is created to compete against the other high-end smart speakers.

Apple HomePod was likely to hit this year, but it has been delayed until early next year.

Being the bigger device, it is priced quite high compare to the other speakers.

That's similar to what Apple is doing with its HomePod speaker, which the company first introduced in June.

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We've reached out to Google for comment. While we were at the event in San Francisco back in October I wasn't able to actually give it a real listen as our time that day was pretty much devoted to the Pixelbook.

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