NASA To Announce Kepler Discovery Helped By Google Brain

NASA Readies Big Announcement on Possible Alien Life

Alien-hunting announcement: NASA to reveal latest discovery this week; where to watch it live online

"The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google", reads a release from the space agency, adding that the breakthrough "demonstrates new ways of analyzing Kepler data".

So what discovery do you think NASA will announce? The discovery pertains to the Kepler space telescope, which is tasked with finding planets akin to our Earth in other solar systems.

At the teleconference, experts from NASA and Google will together explain the latest breakthrough discovery from the alien-hunting telescope, Kepler. The spacecraft, which completed its prime mission in 2012, has so far discovered 2,337 confirmed exoplanets and 4,496 candidate exoplanets.

The telescope is presently on its second mission called "K2", and this time, it is more dedicated to discovering exoplanets on a limited basis. Google's machine learning approach to artificial intelligence is considered the world's pioneering application in the field. However, only 30 are orbiting within the "habitable" zone of their star.

In 2014, Kepler was set to another mission which included hunting for more exoplanets.

It is thought the announcement will revolve around exoplanets - Earth-sized planets that orbit around their own stars. K2 is also "introducing new research opportunities to study young stars, supernovae and other cosmic phenomena", according to the press release.

NASA has been on a roll lately, spotting more than a dozen planets over the a year ago that might be capable of sustaining life. Shallue is a senior research software engineer at Google Brain-the tech giant's machine intelligence research team.

Exactly what this new method of combing has revealed, we will have to wait until Thursday to see. Attendees will include Paul Hertz, the director NASA's Astrophysics division in Washington D.C., as well as Christopher Shallue from Google.

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