Meteor shower to fly across Norway's skies

2017 Geminid meteor shower

File 2012/Associated Press A meteor streaked across the sky over Alabama in 2012 during the Geminid meteor shower

What really makes this meteor shower so attractive to witness is its comet-like orbit along with the presence of shooting stars.

When space rocks known as meteoroids-often no bigger than grains of sand-collide with Earth's atmosphere, they burn up on their fall and create tails that look like bright streaks.

Year to year, meteor showers vary. What makes it interesting is the fact that these places will not only be great for witnessing the Geminid Meteor Shower but will also prove to be great winter destinations to vacation at!

The Geminids are visible when Earth passes through a trail of debris which is left by an Apollo-class asteroid named 3200 Phaethon.

The Geminid meteor shower itself was first noted in the 1860s.

The Geminids can be observed with the bared eye under clear, dark skies over most of the globe, though the best show is from the Northern Hemisphere.

Notably, the Geminids are also one of two meteor showers that come from what is believed to be an asteroid.

East of Seattle, parking lots and pull-offs along Interstate 90 and frontage roads and in communities like North Bend and Snoqualmie can offer reasonably dark skies, Ingram said.

A waning crescent moon will preside over the Geminids, casting insufficient light to blot out the show.

Ingram urges would-be meteor watchers to get as far away from city lights as possible.

Things do improve in the early hours of the morning which could mean that you have a ideal window within which to catch a glimpse of the phenomenon without getting completely soaked. Light pollution and moonlight can obscure the brightest light show. The Geminid radiant is in the constellation Gemini.

If you want to wish upon a star, you may just get your wish ... this week.

Over time it has become more intense, with up to 20 comets per hour reported in the 1920s, rising to 50 in the 1930s, 60 in the 1940s and 80 in the 1970s.

Another reason why this shower is the best, at the very least for this year: 3200 Phaeton, the rocky object sometimes called an asteroid from which the Geminid meteors originate, will be even closer to Earth during the shower this year.

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