IDF destroys Gaza terror tunnel being built by Hamas

A tank takes part in a training exercise near the Gaza Strip

A tank takes part in a training exercise near the Gaza Strip

He added intelligence indicated the tunnel belonged to Hamas, the militant organization that controls Gaza, but no Israeli military personnel or civilians were considered at risk and there was no exit point at the time it was destroyed.

The tunnel could have been used to abduct soldiers or carry out a devastating terror attack within an Israel community.

According to him, the operation was not linked to the recent clashes and protests over last week's declaration by Trump of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

This was the second tunnel destroyed using a new system to detect, expose and destroy tunnels in the past six weeks.

The tunnel, which had been monitored for several weeks, was demolished on Saturday, the IDF announced Sunday. "And, second, because this is a Hamas terror tunnel". A network of Gaza tunnels allowed Hamas gunmen to blindside Israel's superior forces during the 2014 war and the Israelis, with USA help, have since stepped up work on counter-measures. "It is by no means behind us, but this will surely force the terrorist organizations to change techniques and to adapt".

Israel Defense Forces have said there are no injuries or damage from the rocket.

Islamic Hamas movement's military wing Al-Qassam brigades called Sunday for the continuation of the "uprising and activating all means in resisting and confronting the occupation" in rejection of the US decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "I hope that in the coming months the threat of tunnels on the residents surrounding Gaza will become a thing of the past", he said.

Hamas' military wing issued a statement earlier Sunday threatening Israel with a "heavy price".

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