Dana White's campaign to meet bullied student, Keaton Jones, successful

Titans TE Delanie Walker joins Vols players in reaching out to bullied Tennessee boy

A kid asked his bullies why they pick on him, and the whole internet answered

"What's the point of it?" he asks his mother while in the passenger seat of a parked auto. His mother, Kimberly, took a video of Keaton talking about how other kids poured milk on him, put food on his clothes, and mocked him. Some people are different, they don't need to be criticised about it.

Cardi B shared a photo of Jones on Instagram and wrote, "If you a parent or somebody big sis or big bro show your kids this video and show them why they should not bully others!"

The video had more than 18 million views as of Sunday, and a crowdsourcing page for Keaton's future education had raised more than $29,000.

In a message accompanying the video, Kimberly Jones wrote, "My kids are by no stretch flawless, and at home, he's as all boy as they come, but by all accounts he's good at school".

"Bless your heart! It makes me both sad and angry that those kids are picking on you".

"We all know how it feels to want to belong", Jones said in her post, "but only a select few know how it really feels not to belong anywhere".

Millie Bobby Brown, star of Stranger Things, chimed in.

Some Tennessee Titans players are reaching out to a young boy getting a lot of attention on Facebook.

UFC boss Dana White shared the heartbreaking video on Twitter, and was floored by the response.

Members of the Tennessee football team are working to organize a meeting at his school to stop the bullying and raise Keaton's spirits.

"Always remember that you can be whoever you want to be", Walker said.

Actor Chris Evans, AKA Captain America, invited Keaton to attend the premiere of the Avengers in Los Angeles.

Publicly, Keaton's mother and sister said they have been overwhelmed by offers of assistance since the video went viral and have not been able to individually respond to the thousands of messages they've received.

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