Giancarlo Stanton Doesn't Approve Trade to Cardinals Despite Agreement With Marlins

Miami Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton

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Nevertheless, the intrigue in this saga is growing as Stanton is flexing his leverage, telling the Marlins he'll only waive his no-trade clause to go to the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, or Astros - none of whom appear to be making a serious bid for him.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and FOX reports, the 2017 NL MVP decided he will not accept deals to those two teams, but he will consider trades to the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Yankees. So, any trade for Stanton would likely mean they'd have to jettison salary, not to mention the numerous assets they would have to send to the Marlins to complete the trade.

Now, they are being told that Stanton will not accept a trade to either the St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants. Another possibility is third baseman Chase Headley, who will make $13 million in 2018 in the final year of his deal.

All eyes have been on the Marlins and Stanton's possible trade. But the slugger is owed $295 million over the next 10 years, and the Dodgers already have luxury tax concerns; it's why they didn't trade for Justin Verlander at the trade deadline, for example. Like Stanton, Ellsbury has full no-trade protection.

However, they'll only have about $25 million to spend and be comfortable about staying under the $197 million number, and GM Brian Cashman has indicated he's going to add at least one significant salary, in the form of a starting pitcher after the Yankees lost out on Shohei Otani.

A lineup featuring Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Giancarlo Stanton would be one of the best in Major League Baseball.

The Cubs getting Stanton is a longshot but it is interesting that most star players want to play in Chicago now instead of in the past when it was not the place to be.

However, Stanton hasn't totally eliminated the Giants and Cardinals yet, according to Mish, but they are not his preferred destination. His top choice has always been the Dodgers.

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