'Taylor Swift vs. Kim Kardashian' is Reborn

Kim Kardashian Might've Shaded Taylor Swift by Reposting Her Naked Body

'I never trust a narcissist!' Taylor Swift posts pointed song lyrics after Kim Kardashian reignites spat with Famous throwback

Fans in the Kardashian-West camp bombarded Swift with snake emojis on social media for months, which she brilliantly turned around and used as marketing for her album, reputation.

Of course, Swift is not the only naked wax celeb on display in the exhibit, but she is the only one involved in a never-ending feud with Kardashian and West.

"She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, 'I made that b***h famous'".

While West apologized to Swift for dissing her at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, he later released a track and sang about the possibility of sleeping with her as he referred to Swift as the "b***h" he made famous. For further proof that the drama didn't bring a wrinkle to her perfectly-contoured brow line, the 37-year-old continued to post pictures of her absolutely slaying Yeezy Season 6 looks. It's been made out that we know each other, but I don't know her too well. Swift has since reclaimed the snake imagery, and Kardashian appears to have blocked the corresponding emoji from her Instagram comments - but that hasn't stopped Swift fans from now reminding Kardashian that the "snake eats the rat". Fans also speculated several songs were inspired by the "bad blood" between her and Kardashian-West.

Swift's defense was that while, yes, she was fine with the gag about hooking up with West, she did not expect to be called the B-word.

In the photo, taken at Kanye's "famous" exhibition, Kardashian is seen taking a photo of the waxworks - with Taylor's naked waxwork featuring in the corner of the snap.

The recording then went viral and Kim and Kanye have been at war with Taylor ever since.

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