Twins who sued Facebook have become Bitcoin billionaires

Entrepreneur duo famous for suing Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg becomes first Bitcoin billion

Bitcoin billionaires: Winklevoss twins' $11m bet on digital currency is now worth $1 billion

Fortune reports the twins purchased the currency at $120, which would have gotten them roughly 91,666 bitcoins. CBOE revealed on December 4 that it has received the approval from the US Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and will enable bitcoin futures trading on December 10.

Tyler Winklevoss has even gone as far as to claim that bitcoin will ultimately be more impactful than Facebook. When it hit $11,000 this weekend, such a stake...

City AM, a UK-based publication, revealed that the Winklevoss Twins are estimated to hold 100,000 bitcoins, given their $11 million investment in 2013. They reportedly got a settlement amount of $65 million - an amount which now pales in front of how much Winklevoss twins are worth.

The twins first learned of bitcoin while on holiday in Ibiza in 2012, and launched their own digital currency exchange, called Gemini, in 2015. "By working with the team at CBOE, we are helping to make bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies increasingly accessible to both retail and institutional investors", said Tyler.

Still, the twins themselves have noted that older Bitcoin aficionados probably have larger holdings.

The coins started the year trading around $800 and were more than $11,000 Monday. Last week it emerged that exchange operator Nasdaq could follow rival CME Group in launching bitcoin future contracts next year, a sign that professional investors are increasingly taking the asset seriously.

In a massive rebound from a 20% plunge last week, bitcoin surged Sunday to a record high above $11,700 U.S.

Whether this will affect how the coin is traded remains to be seen.

The Winklevii's bitcoin wallet is among a very small handful to have reached the billion-dollar mark, according to The Telegraph, one of the others being the currency's mysterious inventor Satoshi Nakamoto.

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