Amazon finally launched in Australia today

Retailers brace as Amazon launches in Australia

Amazon Australia Is Officially Here (For Real This Time, No Jokes, OK?)

"Focusing on customers and the long-term are key principles in Amazon's approach to retailing", said Rocco Braeuniger, country manager of Amazon Australia (below, right).

It's not all doom and gloom, however, with many retailers - including eBay and - affirming that Amazon's entrance will ultimately be good for Australia's retail landscape, promoting innovation and growth.

Its keenly anticipated entry into Australia's $300 billion retail market comes as traditional bricks and mortar retailers brace themselves for the impact of Amazon's arrival.

These regions are likely to be in the Melbourne area, as so far Amazon Australia only has one distribution warehouse or "fulfilment centre", located in the south-east Melbourne suburb of Dandenong South.

For electronics, we saw a portable hard drive from WD on sale for $89 on Amazon, which again meets the $49 free delivery threshold.

"Incumbent Australian retailers will also be under huge pressure to accelerate existing digital initiatives, especially around smarter use of data and analytics in order to personalise products, services and experiences to customers".

"Over time, we will create thousands of new jobs and invest hundreds of millions of dollars in Australia", said Braeuniger. Amazon expects to launch Prime shipping benefits in Australia in mid-2018 and from today.

"For Amazon's Marketplace to be successful in Australia, Amazon will need a good product range, including local specialty suppliers".

Products on offer at Amazon's Australian website include millions offered by well-known Australian brands, as well as small and medium-sized Australian businesses selling on Amazon Marketplace. "I think this may prove hard".

Amazon, a Seattle-based company, has expanded far beyond its roots as a digital bookstore, moving into the groceries and other retail sectors as well as cloud computing, streaming video, artificial intelligence and more.

"By tapping into our global experience and decade of learnings, we are excited to help Australian brands and retailers thrive in what will be a new retail paradigm in our market", Fowler says.

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