YouTube to launch story feature 'Reels' akin to Snapchat, Instagram

The Reels feature is part of a wider effort by You Tube to expand its Community ¿ an area of the site that is only accessible to creators with over 10,000 subscribers who can share polls

We learned that you want the flexibility to create multiple Reels and have them not expire so we’ll give you those options

YouTube will experiment with a beta version of Reels with a limited number of users before "expanding to more creators", added Livne.

In an attempt to give video creators more ways to express themselves and engage with fans, YouTube has unveiled its own take on Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories, where you can capture photos or videos, then decorate them with text, art, filters, and more, and broadcast them to followers via a stitched-together reel that'll play out like a story to viewers.

YouTube presents very different reasons for the introduction of this feature from the reasons Instagram and Snapchat creators gave at the time of stories feature launch.

In August 2016 Instagram released a near-perfect copy of Snapchat Stories in the form of Instagram Stories

YouTube could make changes to Reels prior to launch, so what you see above may not be the final implementation of the feature.

Reels is YouTube's spin on Stories.

The creators will also be getting some other features with "Reels" such as linking to YouTube videos and using "YouTube-y" stickers. However, a report by TechCrunch reports that Reels will be available in a brand-new tab. Community features, which are now available to channels with more than 10,000 subscribers, let creators share pictures, text, GIFs, polls and other content with their audiences. Unlike other platforms, Reels would be capped to 30 seconds and will not expire after 24 hours. Reels is now in beta mode and the final product is expected to launch soon, but after proper experimentation. (Mashable also has its own editorial product called Reels, which uses vertical video elements in a similar fashion). We've also optimized our notifications so that your fans are eligible to receive them, but they won't necessarily get a new notification for every new Community post. You would also have to navigate to the creators channel to view them. Users will also have the opportunity to evaluate the Reels, putting them huskies or dslan.

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