This year's flu season might not be welcoming, some medical experts apprise

It's peak flu season: Here's what you need to know

First flu-related death in eastern Washington confirmed in Spokane County

Researchers vociferate that this directs towards a prospective intrinsic defect in the way flu vaccines are produced.

"So, when those are very high, you know there's a good chance that the flu is high", said pediatrician Dr. Paul Remedios. The vaccine may not be a ideal match to the flu strains circulating, but people who get it generally have less severe flu symptoms, even if they still get sick.

The state Department of Health and Human Services reports the latest deaths have raised the death toll for the 2017-2018 flu season to five. The vaccine that the Australians received was only 10 percent effective.

Medical professionals hope this doesn't discourage people from getting their flu shots.

If you are lucky, the flu will only bring some temporary discomfort.

Symptoms of influenza include fever, chills, muscle aches, cough, congestion, runny nose, headaches, and fatigue.

"The vaccine is still the best bet we have, the best tool we have", Poursina says. "The highest number of flu-related hospitalizations has occurred among those who are older than 50 years of age, as well as children younger than 5, which are both groups at greater risk of experiencing severe illness and complications due to flu", a release from the health department reads. Flu viruses typically circulate widely into the spring months, and it isn't clear if the early start will mean an early end or a long season.

FACT: Getting the flu vaccine, even later in the season, can still be beneficial.

Now doctors say it doesn't matter whether or not you got your flu shot last year, you're going to have to come back for another vaccination because this year's flu is different. Because flu viruses are always changing-it's important to get the flu vaccine as soon as possible. If you were wondering how bad this year's flu season will be, experts are warning that it might be risky.

So far, 105 people have been hospitalized for the flu in Oklahoma. It can cause serious complications or illness for those with chronic conditions, and healthy individuals are just as likely to catch the flu virus.

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