Google's Datally can help limit your data usage

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Google's mobile data-saving app has moved out of beta and renamed to Datally

By understanding, Google means that the Datally app will be able to monitor the usage of mobile data on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Datally also allows users to cut off background data usage just for specific apps. Datally also offers a directory of Wi-Fi networks nearby the smartphone that have user opinions on their quality.

Caesar Sengupta, VP of Next Billion Users, Google, in a blog said, "Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world". Besides this a chat style bubble will pop up in the background and let you know how much data your app is using.

Google added a Data Saver feature to Datally that utilizes public wireless networks.

While using your mobile data you always tend to be thrifty because mobile data comes at a premium.

The company ran a limited beta test of the app earlier this year and notes that users saved about 30% of mobile data on average when using the application. We are liking the app's function and even the name which seems to be a wordplay on data and tally. But if you're in a plan that charges you based on the amount of data you use, Datally could come in handy. Times Internet launched SmartApp in 2016, which did exactly the same thing, and had a realtime data usage counter, data consumption patterns, and a data saver. The menu should show data usage over the past month.

"Through tracking and controlling app data usage, you save more data and get the most out of your phone", claims Google.

Google has launched an app on Wednesday.

Download Datally now from Google's Play Store.

Many of these features are available in the settings of android phones already, but the app is created to be more user-friendly.

To activate Datally, you will have to give the app access to many facets of the device, including the ability to "make and manage calls", "send and view SMS messages", and the ability to view the device's location. A lot of them offer options to turn off a feature or service to lessen needed data to load.

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