Conor McGregor receives £350 fine for speeding

Conor McGregor

Plenty Of Laughs As Conor McGregor Pays Flying Visit To Blanchardstown Court

The UFC fighter appeared at Blanchardstown District Court yesterday after he was compelled to by Judge Miriam Walsh.

The judge said that a "bench warrant will be coming in his direction if he's not here". "Please don't tell me you earn more than €110 million in a day?"

The athlete claimed to the court that he had tried unsuccessfully to pay the fine.

McGregor was originally charged for breaking a 60mph (96kmph) speed limit in Dublin earlier this year, and was charged €80 (£70/$95).

"I have to ask you the question - how much to you earn?" she asked.

Judge Walsh told the fighter he could pay the new fine by instalments if he wished.

It's unclear whether McGregor was saying "come and get me" to the press or to the mob.

Judge Walsh said that if McGregor wanted to make an argument, he would have to there in person. McGregor posted a number of photos on social media site Instagram following the appearance, one featuring a snap of the high powered BMW sports auto he showed up to court in, with the hashtag #relaxjudge.

When Mr Kenny again invited the judge to deal with the case in Mr McGregor's absence on the basis that he was pleading guilty, the judge said: 'Mr McGregor will have to be here.

McGregor, not renowned for taking a backwards step in or out of the octagon, responded to those threats outside a Dublin court where he had just paid a speeding fine.

According to his lawyer, Mr. McGregor entered into a guilty plea, agreeing to pay the amount specified by the fine.

He spent some time in a consultation room with his solicitor and a friend before appearing in court.

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