The White House wants to ban cell phones, citing security risk

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The White House is considering a ban on employees using personal cell phones, according to a new report.

The report said the policy under consideration is not because of President Donald Trump's concerns of administration officials leaking sensitive information to the press. Either way, it appears the White House may have more problems than just people having phones.

The ban is raising concerns among the staff that are concerned they'll be cut off from family and friends, five administration officials said according to Bloomberg.

At least five Trump administration officials, who spoke anonymously because the ban isn't final, said employees were anxious that the rule would block them from communicating with family and friends, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

Top officials haven't yet decided whether or when to impose the ban, and if it would apply to all staff in the executive office of the president.

Early in the administration, former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer demanded members of his staff turn over their mobile phones for random checks to see if they had leaked damaging information to the media.

Cell phones issued by the White House can not send text messages, and the computer network denies access to Gmail, Google Hangouts and other websites.

The White House already takes certain precautions with personal devices, requiring that they be left outside of the room when classified material is being discussed. However, national security concerns may win out in the end. The Trump administration has been plagued by leaks, which is one of the reasons why they want to consider banning personal phones at work. During the president's recent trip to China, staff members were given "burner" or disposable phones to use in place of their regular work or personal handsets in case their phones were hacked.

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