Malia Obama's new boyfriend is a British public school toff

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Malia Obama Gets Her Pregame Makeout On For Harvard-Yale Game

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are defending Malia Obama.

A video of Malia and Farquharson surfaced Monday where the former first daughter was seen wrapping arms around a boy and kissing him at the festivities outside the Yale Bowl.

According to the United Kingdom news outlet, Malia's mystery man is a former head boy at one of England's most prestigious and posh schools, Rugby School.

The internet went insane earlier this week, when a photo of former first daughter Malia Obama kissing an unidentified man went viral.

Malia began her first year at Harvard University earlier this Fall after taking a gap year following her high school graduation in 2016. Numerous articles delving into Farquharson's background and how the pair might have met quickly followed along with a variety of tweeted criticism on everything from her friends' loyalty to her date's skin color.

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That's not all! An insider told Daily Mail that girls thought he was "quite a catch" in school. Readers now know more about the teenage rugby player and his esteemed parents, cousins, and grandparents than most do about their own family history. "He was very popular". Furthermore, he was a member of the school's chemistry club, the Blue Bunsen Society.

The former intern at Democracy and Peace Building in northern Ireland seems to be interested in following in his fathers banking footsteps.

As reports came in Friday morning about Egypt's most deadly terrorist attack, the internet was too busy watching Malia Obama blow smoke rings to pay much attention.

His father Charles, 57, who has a degree in law from St Catharine's College, Cambridge, is the chief executive of Insight Investment Management Limited based in London.

"One is [their mom] Michelle".

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