What to expect if you are traveling this Thanksgiving

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The best time to leave for Thanksgiving trips

Vicky Evans, assistant vice president in travel sales, says the end-of-year holiday season could be the busiest in more than a decade.

According to AAA, the 2017 Thanksgiving holiday weekend will see the highest travel volume since 2005, with 1.6 million more people taking to the nation's roads, skies, rails and waterways compared to previous year. With a 5 percent increase over last year, air travel is the mode of travel that will see the largest growth this year.

Total Travelers: 1.16 million Tennesseans will travel 50 miles or more; an increase of 3.2% over past year.

The vast majority, almost 90 percent, of MI holiday travelers will drive this Thanksgiving. About 89 percent of holiday travelers, or 45.5 million, will be hitting the road.

At McGhee Tyson Airport, Caitlin Darras, senior public relations specialist for the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority, said the busiest travel days will likely be today, Sunday and Monday.

90 percent of people traveling this year will drive, according to AAA. At $70/day, the daily auto rental average is 34 percent more than previous year and the highest rate for Thanksgiving weekend since 2013.

Gas prices are expected to be the highest since 2014 at $2.54, a 37-cent increase compared to November 2016.

Tennessee's prices - among the least expensive in the country - remained below the national average at $2.31 per gallon, a 35-cent increase compared to a year ago.

Airport officials spoke about what travelers should know before they head out to catch their flight.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is monitoring traffic, with highway signs reminding people to think about traveling early. Sundquist advises passengers to arrive at least 75 minutes before their scheduled departure.

It's projected to be the highest Thanksgiving Day traffic volume since 2005. The service runs five daily round-trips between Brunswick and Boston during the week, but will cut back to its three-round-trip service on Thursday. "And if you have any issues on the road or if you see any reckless or impaired driving don't hesitate to call *HP and let us go and check on that driver". "We got a head start this year", said Anne Flaminio. "We are expecting that many of our trains will be sold out".

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