North Korea: Terror relisting 'disgraceful behavior' by Trump

North Korea says US terror sponsor label a ‘serious provocation’. – AFP file

North Korea says US terror sponsor label a ‘serious provocation’. – AFP file

Beijing:North Korea has denounced US President Donald Trump's decision to re-designate it as a so-called state sponsor of terror, saying the move amounts to a "serious provocation" that justifies Pyongyang's development of nuclear weapons.

European researchers say they have identified the targets North Korea is planning to attack. But the unilateral measures, analysts said, only prevent USA companies and banks from doing business with those sanctioned, which was already happening in practice.

The US removed North Korea from its list in 2008 in a move to try and promote dialogue over its weapons programmes.

Trump has designated North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism, a move created to punish the Asian nation for its resistance to American hegemony."In addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation, North Korea repeatedly supported acts of worldwide terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil", the American head of state claimed.

The US government is also doing well to encourage other countries to join in. "And, the question is, how long this type of pressure will be kept up by China", said Silberstein. In recent months, the North conducted its most powerful nuclear test yet and tested a pair of intercontinental ballistic missiles that could potentially reach the USA mainland if perfected.

Trump's September executive order targeted North Korea's textiles, fishing, information technology and manufacturing industries, and was created to "cut off sources of revenue that fund North Korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to humankind". The U.S. has maintained North Korea must cease its program before negotiations can begin. The spokesperson noted that their actions included expulsion of North Korean workers and diplomats.

UNC Commander General Vincent K. Brooks at a briefing for media showed a video of the soldier's defection and the violations, which included firing across the Military Demarcation Line and one KPA soldier briefly chasing the defector across the line.

South Korea, Japan, and Australia were among the countries quick to voice support for Pyongyang's return to the state terror sponsor designation, while China was reserved in its response.

Trump's decision comes amid heightened nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula. North Korea quickly lashed out at Trump, calling him a "kingpin of all kinds of terrorism" and accusing him of being unable to prevent terrorism in his own country. The U.S. president called North Korea a "murderous regime", a sentiment he repeated this week. One of his favorite comments is the USA should have re-designated North Korea as a sponsor of terror "a long time ago" - that was a dig against Obama's policy of "strategic patience" in dealing with the North.

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