LaVar Ball must thank Trump: Master P

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Trump calls father of UCLA Basketball star an “ungrateful fool”

In his opinion column published by the Post, Sargent offers a searing critique of what he identifies as Trump's pattern of criticizing prominent African Americans who have publicly taken issue with him as a way to rally to his largely white base.

The stakes were high for Ball, as a shoplifting conviction in China could result in a sentence of three to 10 years.

'On the other hand, ' Schwartz continued, 'I think he has a zero tolerance for any criticism of any kind, that's why he goes after anybody who says virtually anything about him that's negative'.

Donald Trump kicked off his Thanksgiving morning by giving thanks for his most cherished tradition: being mad online.

LiAngelo Ball and a couple other friends from the same basketball team have been released following a quick stay in China during Trump's trip to the land.

President Donald Trump appeared to respond on Thursday to a columnist critical of his ongoing feuds with LaVar Ball and other influential African Americans with a confusing and possibly accidental tweet that stated in all caps: "Make America Great Again".

LaVar Ball, father of LiAngelo Ball who was arrested in the UCLA shoplifting case in China, had refused to thank President Trump for helping the players to get back home. "Too bad! LaVar is just a poor man's version of Don King, but without the hair", Trump tweeted this week.

After returning to the United States, Trump wrote on Twitter, referring to himself in the third person: "Do you think the three UCLA Basketball Players will say thank you to President Trump?"

Tony Schwartz, who co-wrote "The Art of The Deal" with Trump, said in a CNN interview that Trump's past views on African Americans may play a role in his current behavior. "Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out".

In his Twitter posts, Trump also said, "Lavar, you could have spent the next 5 to 10 years during thanksgiving with your son in China, but no National Basketball Association contract to support you".

The attention from the president early Thursday morning was a "jarring wake-up call", Sargent added, but so far, his mentions haven't been too insane.

"You embarrassed your families, you embarrassed the country, and you embarrassed the president".

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