U.S. hits back after Pakistan court orders release of Hafiz Saeed

Freed’ from house arrest Hafiz Saeed vows ‘freedom’ for Kashmir

26/11 mastermind Hafiz Saeed to walk free? Pakistan court orders release

A Pakistani court has rejected the government's plea to extend for three more months the house arrest of a US -wanted militant who founded a banned group linked to the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack.

Saeed was put under house arrest in January.

The provincial government of Punjab produced Saeed before the Judicial Review Board on Tuesday comprising judges of the Lahore High Court and pleaded to extend the sentence by three months.

"His previous detention for 30 days is over, which means he would be released tomorrow", Sahil was quoted as saying.

Mr Saeed, who was detained nine months ago, allegedly masterminded the 2008 Mumbai massacre in which 166 people were killed.

Saeed has denied involvement in the attacks.

While the Pakistani courts have once again given Hafiz Saeed a breather, US seems to be on the same page with India.

During the last hearing, the government while seeking extension in the detention orders had argued that Saeed could not be released because the move would result in financial sanctions and a halt in foreign funding to the country.

Following the decision, Saeed told media that an end to his detention is tantamount to the victory of truth, calling it "a serious blow" to India's demands. Subsequently, his house arrest had been extended several times.

"The government can not afford to set Saeed free in the current circumstance". However, the court refused the plea and said Saeed will be released as per the earlier sentence. "It can not face global backlash in the event of releasing the JuD chief", the official source told PTI. But, in October, the government did not extend the notification for their detention under ATA sections and withdrew application pending before the federal review board for their extension.

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