Kellyanne Conway: Trump Reacted to Franken But Not 'Old' Roy Moore Story

Al Franken with Hillary Clinton


President Donald Trump, who faced a long string of sexual harassment allegations during the 2016 election, swiftly denounced Sen. Trump tweeted. "And to think that just last week he was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women".

Smith pointed out that Menendez "was not tried for sexual assault" and that those are "two different things we're talking about".

Mr Franken has apologised and said he does not remember that second incident in the same way, but he now faces a Senate ethics investigation that could see him fined, stripped of committee posts or even expelled.

Bash countered: Why won't Trump simply call for Moore to step aside? And he called the women sharing #MeToo stories about sexual assault, harassment and other misconduct "courageous".

Franken "doesn't deserve" to be "lumped in with Roy Moore or Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein or Donald Trump", Maher said during his Real Time monologue on Friday night.

Trump has repeatedly declined to follow Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan in calling on Moore to quit the race.

She told supporters that Trump actually "owes us a thank you" for taking the media focus off investigations of possible collaboration between his presidential campaign and Russian Federation a year ago.

Clinton's comments came a day after Leeann Tweeden, a Los Angeles morning show host, accused Franken of kissing her without her consent and groping her breasts while she was asleep in 2006.

By weighing in on Franken, Trump potentially invites another round of scrutiny over the past accusations of sexual assault that have been levied against him - a risk that a source told CNN earlier this week was partially behind his decision to not comment on the Moore controversy.

"They're not only untrue, but they have no evidence to support them", Moore said in Birmingham, Alabama. America is extremely polarized and many people are now siding with abusers along political party lines.

Her claims have also raised suspicions because Trump campaign operative and GOP dirty trickster Roger Stone Tweeted hours before Tweeden went public that Franken would be "in a barrel" over his conduct.

The reference to Stahl was to a NY magazine article in which Franken talked about a "Saturday Night Live" skit.

Franken's alleged misconduct occurred not long after he had moved home to Minnesota from NY, and was already positioning himself to run for Senate in 2008, a race that he narrowly won after a recount.

Moore won the Republican Senate primary on September 26. Maher said, presumably, in reference to Trump. Time after time, he said Trump needed to say nothing more and said the solution rested on the voters who would decide Moore's fate. "I think that at this point we believe that it's up to the people of Alabama to make a decision".

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