Rotten Tomatoes Holds Justice League Score… and Reviews

Justice League Inline

Rotten Tomatoes will delay the release of its Justice League score, raising eyebrows

Oh no, is this Batman v Superman all over again??

Rotten Tomatoes is famous for pretty much one thing: aggregating a whole bunch of movie reviews from critics across the internet and turning them into a convenient, single score for a given movie using a "Tomatometer".

The lack of score and reviews appearing on Rotten Tomatoes' website has drawn even more criticism about the site withholding those numbers to help Warner Bros. amid growing rumbling from Hollywood over the summer that Rotten Tomatoes is harming movies.

The delayed score came courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes' new Facebook show See It/Skip It, which hits online late Wednesday nights.

Drama, as it so often does, ensued.

However, while Rotten Tomatoes usually posts its scores just after the review embargo has ended, in this case it waited more a day before doing so. If these tweets are to be believed, it seems Flixster, a movie app which features Rotten Tomatoes' scores, has unintentionally leaked the scores. As more audiences and critics view the movie, expect that number to change. It was only over the previous weekend that critics were allowed to release their first reactions and only recently that they published full reviews. That puts it in the middle of pack of the five films in Warner Bros.' DC universe so far.

Like Rotten Tomatoes disappointment wasn't enough, Metacritic score also stands at a sad 51/100. The positive certification has impacted several movies - including Wonder Woman.

"Justice League isn't an entirely coherent film, but it's certainly an egalitarian one".

"Given the complicated setup of media conglomerates, it's not possible to draw a straight line between that fact and the delay of the Tomatometer score for 'Justice League, '" said Vox writer Alissa Wilkinson.

The Atlantic: Justice League feels like a pilot episode - it's half-formed, overstuffed, and narratively a chore - but at least its gotten all those annoying introductions out of the way.

Justice League will fly into theaters on November 17, 2017.

So, in summation, critics reviews are useful, but more likely to help a great, tiny movie to get attention, rather than stop a bad (or, in this case, mediocre) blockbuster making bank. This is a definite step up from the 27 percent and 26 percent of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, respectively, but is quite the step down from Wonder Woman's 92 percent and Man of Steel's 55 percent.

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