AAA: More than 1.6 million Michiganders will celebrate Thanksgiving with holiday getaway

Here Are the Best and Worst Times to Travel for Thanksgiving

Here Are the Best and Worst Times to Travel for Thanksgiving By Joseph Misulonas | Nov 16 2017 | Travel Culture

A record 2.1 million Carolinians will be hitting the road this Thanksgiving.

AAA credited the increased travel to a strong economy and labor market, in addition to rising incomes.

Road Trip Ready: Over 945,000 will take a Thanksgiving road trip; an increase of nearly 30,000 people (3.3%). This would be a 3.3 percent increase over a year ago, and be the highest number of travelers since 2005.

More than a million Marylanders are expected to travel during the Thanksgiving weekend.

AAA estimates that 51 million Americans plan to travel for the holiday, which means the roads will be super packed.

USA motor travel accounts for 10 percent of global demand, and is closely watched by global oil traders.

Those driving over the holiday should keep in mind that the cost of fueling is up. All passengers should wear their seatbelts; according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 301 vehicle occupants died in traffic crashes during Thanksgiving weekend in 2015; about 50 percent of those killed weren't wearing seat belts at the time. Oil prices have begun retreat from 2-year highs, which should allow gas prices to start drifting lower by the time people set out for their destination. Air fares are at their lowest levels in five years for a round-trip flight for the top 40 domestic routes, AAA said.

The Thanksgiving holiday travel period is defined as Wednesday, Nov. 22 to Sunday, Nov. 26, according to AAA.

Travelers can expect to spend any "flight savings" on auto rentals.

But many holiday travellers are heading out a day earlier.

The vast majority-nearly 90 percent-of MI holiday travelers will drive this Thanksgiving.

"I anticipate close to 5,000 passengers to use the airport over Thanksgiving", Beardsley said.

AAA and research firm IHS Markit base their forecast on recent and predicted growth in the economy, consumer spending, household wealth and other measures.

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