Donald Trump pauses 'major statement' to take two big swigs of water

Donald Trump water bottle

"He needs work on his form... But not bad for his 1st time

- In his first public speech since returning from a trip to Asia, President Trump made a splash at the White House on Wednesday.

"They don't have water", Trump said.

However, the aspect that "intrigued" the American people, even more, was the way he chose to take a sip of water.

In 2013, after Rubio's moment, Trump tweeted that Rubio was "being crucified by the media for drinking water during speech!"

Colbert also pointed out that Trump mocked Sen.

Between spewing out hateful messages on Twitter, derogatory comments about women, immigrants and Democratic voters, it's no surprise Donald Trump is in need of some water once in a while to wet his whistle.

Nearly every single day from the Trump era, the "theory" of how such a person has managed to lead the world's most powerful country it's being strengthened by the president's behavior. Help!' This is on live television.

Rubio was giving the GOP response to former President Barack Obama's State of the Union address and paused in the middle to reach for a water bottle and sneak a sip.

"It's Rubio!" Trump declared as he held the bottle in the air.

"America's renewed confidence and standing in the world has never been stronger than it is right now", Trump said. "Similar, but needs work on his form", Rubio tweeted.

Mr Trump's source of water in the White House Diplomatic Reception Room?

Trump ensured that the moment followed Rubio throughout the 2016 campaign, making mention of it several times on the campaign trail.

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