GameStop aborts the launch of its unlimited game rental program

Jose Cordova  GameStop

Jose Cordova GameStop

GameStop's upcoming PowerPass used games subscription service hasn't even been officially launched yet, and it has already hit a pothole.

For $60, customers could take home one used game at a time and keep it for up to six months. After those six months are up, the last game that you have "out" is yours to keep.

Per Kotaku, anyone who already bought into GamePass can bring back their pass and any game they rented for a full refund. The retailer confirmed that it had halted the initiative in a statement, citing "a few program limitations we have identified" as the cause. However, merely days before the service's launch, GameStop has reportedly chose to pause the launch of the unlimited used game rental service. Employees were also asked to discard the store's Holiday Guide and replace this week's "weekly ad".

GameSpot did do a soft launch of its PowerPass service.

With the ever-increasing rise in digital gaming, GameStop's PowerPass program could be an important pillar of the store's business. Employee speculation centers around GameStop's antiquated point-of-sale system, and specifically that it isn't equipped to handle the mechanics of a game rental service.

PowerPass was an intriguing idea when it was first announced but GameStop's decision to put the program on pause may suggest the service hasn't been met with quite as much interest as they would have liked. "We feel this is the right thing to do for now to ensure we are able to provide our guests an exceptional service", a GameStop representative told Kotaku today. "In addition, we will allow them to pick out any pre-owned game for free". For $60 (the price of one new video game), you got six months worth of access to any pre-owned games in the store, with the stipulation that you could only rent one at a time.

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