Ed Sheeran, Colton Haynes, The Vamps, & More React to Taylor Swift's 'Reputation'

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

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'We're gonna play it a little bit differently than you heard it on the album.

Rather than play another Reputation track after "New Year's Day", Swift played a lovely rendition of Tom Petty's "American Girl", opting to take it slower and remain seated at the piano. The kicker is her explicit reference to the speakerphone call during which Kim recorded her, as Swift continues, "And therein lies the issue/Friends don't try to trick you/Get you on the phone and mind-twist you/And so I took an ax to a mended fence".

With an album title like Reputation, fans speculated whether the entire album would be a vindictive screed aimed at Swift's enemies. The 27-year-old pop star is savvy enough to know that, and she's attempted to spin it in her favour on this album cycle - from adopting snake imagery in video teasers and merch to literally killing off all her previous public personas in the video for "Look What You Made Me Do". "They're burning all the witches, even if you aren't one / They got their pitchforks and proof / Their receipts and reasons / They're burning all the witches, even if you aren't one / So light me up". "It was so nice being friends again", she sings.

Then, it's West's turn.

"This is why we can't have nice things, darling", goes the chorus. "It was so nice being friends again / There I was giving you a second chance / But you stabbed me in the back while shaking my hand", she sings, referencing their fateful phone call about Famous that West's camp recorded and later posted to smear her as duplicitous. "And here's to you, 'cause forgiveness is a nice thing to do", she says, before breaking down in giggles, saying, "I can't even say it with a straight face!" 1989 fans will breathe a sigh of relief when "I Did Something Bad" kicks in, though, which starts off a string of shiny pop songs that not only feel like a more natural progression from the last album, but improve upon each listen in that sneaky way Swift songs tend to do.

Swift may not want fans to linger on the gossip behind her songs, but when it's as wonderfully told as Getaway Car, honestly, who can blame them?

Swift is definitely feeling herself and all the love that's come from her new creation.

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