Conor McGregor storms cage, shoves referee after teammate wins fight

Conor McGregor

GETTY Conor McGregor UFC lightweight champion

Even more, he brought attention to Bellator MMA, UFC's chief rival.

Referee Marc Goddard, the official that told off McGregor for his antics at the Artem Lobov vs. Andre Fili contest in Poland last month, separated the two, which incensed the "Notorious" one and led to a confrontation.

Conor McGregor was a spectator for Bellator 187 in Dublin Friday night, but the UFC champion managed to become a huge part of the show after watching his partner knock out an opponent.

McGregor went ballistic after he was ordered to leave the cage. "Act professional", Goddard could be heard telling McGregor.

Conor McGregor has hit the headlines again in Mixed Martial Arts but this time for all the wrong reasons after losing his cool with an official.

Another video has surfaced on Twitter showing McGregor continuing his bad behaviour after the earlier incident.

McGregor, who didn't have a corner's license for the fight, jumped on Ward.

It is not immediately known what disciplinary action, if any, will come from this considering that McGregor wasn't a licensed cornerman and put his hands on a referee. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, the UFC does to punish McGregor. Despite the numbers surely not to be anywhere near what McGregor and Mayweather did in their boxing match, the Irish star believes the UFC can make him happy in a matchup against Ferguson.

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