Consumer Group Calls for Target Toy Recall

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Fidget spinners sold at Target might contain high levels of lead, the U.S.

According to the US Public Interest Research Group (US PIRG) some of the mesmerizing spinning toys sold at Target may contain risky levels of lead. The Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass has 300 times the amount of maximum lead allowed in children's toys.

But one of the fidget spinners with a unsafe amount of lead - the "Fidget Wild Spinner Premium Brass" - is actually labeled for kids almost half that age.

In a statement a spokeswoman from Target said, "Target is committed to providing high quality and safe products to our guests, and we closely review all product safety claims that are brought to our attention".

Lab results showed two fidget spinners contained extremely high levels of lead, well over the federal legal limit of 100 parts per million (ppm) for lead in children's products.

Lead has been found in some Fidget Spinners, and it's well above the federal legal limit. But after some risky incidents involving the popular gizmos, the CPSC issued new fidget spinner safety guidance for consumers and businesses.

Bulls-I-Toys, the manufacturer of the fidget spinners in question, said in a letter to US PIRG that "there are no mandatory CPSC requirements for it" because the packaging makes it clear that the item should not be used by children of a certain age.

The popular little toys are already the subject of Consumer Product Safety Commission choking hazard warnings.

"All fidget spinners have play value as children's toys regardless of age labeling", said U.S. PIRG Education Fund toxics director.

U.S PIRG said it's still calling on the retailer to pull the products from store shelves.

CoPIRGreport that when Target and the toy's distributor, Bulls i Toy, were alerted to the findings, they refused to address the problem.

"We can't sit idly by while children play with these toxic toys". Furthermore, per Business Insider the products are sold alongside kids toys. Excess levels of lead can lead to hyperactivity, lack of appetite, behavior problems, and learning disabilities.

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