Xbox One X Launches Worldwide This Week

Xbox One X

Shaq, Odell Beckham Jr., Ronda Rousey & More Pick Up The Sticks To Celebrate The Launch of Xbox One X [Photos]

Sarah Needleman from The Wall Street Journal tweeted about the news while posing an important question about the sales: Did Xbox One X buyers clean GameStop's massive supply, or did GameStop just not have enough consoles to sell? You can still order the $500 console through GameStop's website, though in-store availability may vary. The Xbox One X is now available now for purchase and it already has a nice library, more games are going to be receiving patches that allow them to take full advantage of the advanced hardware.

'About 20 minutes in, my console just went dark.

The less expensive (and less powerful) Xbox One S will remain on sale and Spencer has said he believes this is the console that will appeal to a wider audience.

They found one great thing about the Xbox One X: Playing games optimized for the console on the 4K TV (with another fancy visual feature, HDR, or high dynamic range) is an awesome visual experience. The games being available on all of the console lineup makes it hard for devs to focus exclusively on the more powerful console, much more like how optimization works on PC. If you're a hardcore gamer willing to shell out $500 for the premium gaming experience, the Xbox One X will give that to you.

Top-end resolution and improved effects wouldn't count for much without stable 60fps performance, but the fact is that Diablo 3 has yet to show any significant dips below that number on Xbox One X so far.

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