Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing now available in kegs

Website selling 5 liter kegs of Hidden Valley ranch dressing

Hidden Valley Is Now Selling Kegs of Ranch Dressing

If you're looking to get someone the ideal gift this holiday season, then a keg full of ranch dressing might just be something to consider.

The shipment arrives with 12 bottles of ranch that its proud new owner can use to fill the keg on an as-needed basis.

Be merry this holiday season-and get a keg filled with something that's even better than beer.

According to the company, $50 will buy you five liters of ranch dressing.

The refillable 9.7-inch-tall keg contains a special coating on the inside that "meets FDA specifications and keeps the ranch tasting fresh".

Hidden Valley has announced a line of holiday gifts.

Customers who want it under the Christmas tree this year can pre-order it now with shipping beginning on December 1.

A food web store called Flavour Gallery is selling a keg of ranch dressing.

Admit it. You love ranch salad dressing.

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