Google Wants to Help You Avoid Long Restaurant Lines

Google Will Now Tell You How Long the Wait Is at Your Favorite Restaurant

Hungry? Google can now tell you the wait time at restaurants, grocery stores

The feature is rolling out to Search - and soon to Maps as well, will show you the wait times at almost a million sit-down restaurants around the world. And while businesses in general have been supported for awhile to show wait times within Google Search, restaurants have been missing up until now. When they're ready to launch on Google Maps and Android, Google also promises to expand the function to include grocery-store listings. Google predicts it will be able to offer these wait times for nearly a million restaurants worldwide when the update is completed.

People aren't always able to book ahead at a restaurant, and for travelers who may not have a specific place in mind, being able to see where it will be easiest to get a table, in, say, an hour, can simplify the decision-making process. To calculate wait times, Google analyzes patterns of customer visits over the last several weeks.

Average wait times for about 1 million restaurants are coming to search results on Tuesday. But unlike Google, NoWait also lets you put your name on the list for those restaurants that don't take reservations. The information will be available for almost 1 million sit-down restaurants around the globe. You can even scroll left and right to see a summary of each day's wait times below the hour bars-so you can plan ahead to beat the crowds.

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