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S&P: ObamaCare enrollment hurt by Trump uncertainty

Trump Moves to Gut Obamacare Benefits Requirements

At the October Access Health CT board meeting, exchange staff said the agency would be advertising on 15 different platforms including television and billboards during open enrollment. A year ago was a banner one for the program: 12.2 million Americans enrolled, including 549,158 from North Carolina (fourth most in the country), and 149,744 in the Triangle.

The Trump administration also cut the length of open enrollment in half and plans to shut down for 12 hours for maintenance most Sundays during open enrollment, according to the AP.

"Taking away the advertising means that people aren't going to get those reminders", said Lori Lodes, co-founder of Get America Covered.

Also unlike the federal government's health coverage website, which will reportedly be down for maintenance on Wednesdays and several Sundays during the federal open enrollment period, the NY health enrollment website will be fully operational during the state's open window from November 1 to January 31. THE NCDOI estimates 85 percent of ACA insured members with the state's largest insurer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, will be eligible for Advanced Premium Tax Credit Subsidies.

"Most people who already have plans through the federal marketplace will be automatically re-enrolled, but Lodes urges customers to return to since plan pricing and coverage changes every year".

Officials say they cut ads because spending so much money wasn't warranted, and the scaled-back counseling programs weren't enrolling many consumers.

The amount of financial help you get is tied to your income and the cost of the silver plans, which offer middle-of-the-road prices and benefits. Many plans have changes, so you might be given a plan that doesn't work for you, or is more expensive than you planned.

Better Health Together recommends deciding on a plan sooner rather than later, as when the deadline nears, the phone lines clog up and appointments are few and far between.

For 2018, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of DE will offer seven plans for individuals - one gold plan, three silver, two bronze and one catastrophic. It's because premium subsidies are soaring too, making many plans on the exchanges more affordable.

That said, some prices have skyrocketed and choices have narrowed in many markets, in part because of political bickering over the health law.

The Trump administration says it's not causing "Obamacare's" problems.

Many consumers will be able to find plans for as little as $20, $10, or even $0.

More information about how to enroll and about the ACA are also available.

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