Selena Gomez and Francia Raísa Share Kidney Transplant Story in Emotional Interview

'I was freaking out': Selena Gomez reveals she was rushed BACK into surgery after transplant when her new kidney

Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa Speak Out About the Kidney Transplant Surgery and the 'Brutal'

Selena and Francia both say the road to recovery was hard. Raisa's surgery was first and when the removal of the kidney was successful, it was Gomez's turn. "That's not real", Gomez said.

"My kidneys were shutting down but my mentality was just to keep going", Selena revealed in the interview. She got tested and, miraculously, turned out to be a match. "That was it, and I didn't want to ask a single person in my life".

'She couldn't open a water bottle one day and she chucked it and just started crying'. I said, 'What's wrong?' and that's when she told me. "I hadn't asked anything, I knew that she hadn't been feeling well".

'Because she did. That's, that's it, ' Sel says, looking stone-cold serious. But clearly, she has the support of one fantastic friend.

Raisa immediately volunteered to get tested to see if she could be Gomez's kidney donor.

That's when Selena told Francia she was in need of a donor, and the wait list was seven to 10 years long.

In the end, she was a match. "I'm very thankful that there are people who know what to do in that situation".

"She came in and held my hand, and she was like, 'Are you good?' I was like, 'Yeah".

Continuing the story, Francia shared, "My mum didn't wanna be there (in the hospital) until I woke up (after surgery)".

The singer and her roommate spent the evening before the surgery enjoying an indulgent meal and having their hair French braided.

'My teeth, I was grinding.

The friends also detailed their lengthy recovery process, which left the two with little to do but sit or lay around as their bodies healed from the surgery. And now that more details about Gomez's kidney transplant have come out, the situation and the process that led to the transplant sound even scarier.

"I had to write a will, which was scary because there's no guarantee I'll wake up", Raisa said. "So I actually got a space for us to be in together".

But they were together, as Gomez ensured they were recovering at a place alongside each other. They also remained on bed rest, walking for only one hour each day.

'You can't do any stairs or play anything insane'. "It was a really brutal process".

Selena Gomez had to go back under the knife after her kidney transplant when the new organ "flipped" inside her body. Her lupus has only a 3% to 5% chance of coming back, she said.

"My life has been better", she concluded in the interview, by which point, Francia had already teared up.

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