New Insomniac's Spider-Man trailer has Peter Parker juggling dual lives

Spider Man

Spider Man

Insomniac and Sony released a new trailer for their Spider-Man PS4 at the Sony conference that is underway right now at Paris Games Week and we got to see a whole lot of new stuff in it!

The brief two minute trailer covers some of the story points we've seen in the past, along with some moments with Peter Parker.

The trailer on its own is worth re-watching for the action alone, but there's actually something more buried within the trailer that only the most eagle-eyed Marvel comics fans spotted the first time around. Are you sitting down? It also seems like Mary Jane will be playable since there is a certain camera angle in the teaser that makes it look like the player is controlling her. That's definitely Shocker, and we're a little surprised that Insomniac hasn't followed up with any kind of release or blog post about the reveal of the villain.

"This is Miles", a teenage Parker tells his aunt. Negative. Viewers also got to see Mayor Norman Osborn (with no sign of his Green Goblin persona yet), as well as "Kingpin" Wilson Fisk being taken into custody. From what was seen, we can expect plenty of buttkicking from Spidey, and more of Mister Negative.

Whether you're looking for something family friendly, for something deadly serious, or for a gorgeous remake of a gaming classic, Sony's PlayStation 4 has something for you in 2018.

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