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YouTube TV finally gets a home on big screens

YouTube TV App for Android TV Now Official, Rolling Out This Week to Select Devices

The streaming giant on Monday unveiled a new YouTube TV app built specifically for your living room big screen.

Live TV streaming service YouTube TV is now becoming available on actual TVs with the launch of dedicated apps for smart TVs, streaming devices and gaming consoles. Now, it'll be available through the YouTube TV app for actual big screen TVs.

Control your live TV experience with your TV's remote control or game controller. There's now no set release date, but Google says YouTube TV on Xbox One and other devices will land in "the next few days".

One popular device that won't have the app is Amazon's Fire TV.

YouTube TV has been on a steady rollout ever since its debut earlier this year, and now Google is making it easier to watch the service on more devices. The app background has been made dark on TVs for a cinematic look.

A new Live guide made for your big screen so you can get a sneak-peek at what's airing soon. It will join other live TV streaming services from the likes of Hulu and Sling TV, both of which have been available on Xbox One for some time. For example, both display rows of the channels.

Subscribers who own any or all of the aforementioned devices will be able to stream the YouTube TV service without need of a phone or tablet. The app also boasts an innovative feature which allows you to continue where you left off in videos. This way, YouTube can spread its network even to the older demographics by connecting with traditional pay TV. As per their team, in the upcoming weeks, they'll be bringing YouTube TV to Android TV's from LG, Sony, Samsung, Apple, etc. Let us know in the comments.

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