WhatsApp's Delete for Everyone feature finally starts rolling out

WhatsApp is rolling out the Delete for Everyone (Recall) feature for all users! | WABetaInfo

WhatsApp finally starts pushing 'Delete for Everyone' feature

Starting now, WhatsApp let you recall accidentally sent messages which were sent to wrong chat or by mistake.

The app's current delete button is almost useless, as it only deletes messages on the sender's side of the conversation, but that looks to be changing in the latest update.

This feature will work as follows: After a sender sends a message and chooses to delete it, the user on the receiving end is not notified in anyway, nor is the message stored in the relative message log. Delete for everyone will only work within 7 minutes of sending the message. Alongside the feature, Delete for Everyone, users are also likely to see the Delete for Me option, if they only wish to erase the message from their phone. This feature comes in very handy when dealing with messages that are mistakenly sent to other chat groups as well.

If you've ever sent a WhatsApp message you quickly regretted, you can now delete the note before your contact reads it. Back in January this year, a beta update to WhatsApp for Android also brought along the ability to edit sent messages, but we didn't hear about it later.

To unsend a message, simply highlight it by tapping and holding the line of text, select Delete from the menu and hit the Delete for Everyone option. Once the message has been sent, you only get up to seven minutes to undo it. Once the message is deleted it is replaced by "This message was deleted" in the recipient chat. Otherwise, you can probably delete the message and safely know it wasn't seen. According to the site, the feature is now disabled by default and it's under development.

Most people participate in multiple groups on WhatsApp. This fake message does not show up on the notification nor is it shown on the chat history.

To delete messages once they have been sent, just tap and hold the message, tap delete and then press delete for everyone. It's a feature that has been rumoured as being in the works for quite some time, and tested for a number of months. Now as per the report "Delete for Everyone" feature has rolled out to a slow start.

The message will be deleted from the chat page and the notifications. However, deleting a message won't be as stealth as you might hope.

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