Amazon Counters Walmart Delivery with New "Amazon Key"

Amazon Cloud Cam is Key to Home Delivery and Security

Creeped out by Amazon Key? Here's how the in-home delivery service will work

The program is called Amazon Key - and the reason they call it that is because you're going to give the key to your house to the Amazon delivery driver. Amazon verifies that the package (s) belong to the address and the driver is near the door, turns on Cloud Cam and unlocks your door. Perhaps we'd better start getting used to it then.

Amazon Key will be available on November 8 in 37 cities and surrounding areas across the USA, with more locations rolling out over time.

Once again, Amazon has upped the game on delivery.

Although Cloud Cam comes with access to the last 24 hours of clips and support for up to three cameras, Amazon is also offering a subscription service that will offer users support for up to 10 cameras, as well as provide additional storage for video and unlimited downloads and shares of video clips.

A Prime membership will cost you another $99 a year.

Delivery driver vetting: Amazon says deliveries are "made by some of the same professional drivers who you trust to deliver your Amazon orders today". They are further described as "thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews".

From essentials to non-essentials to really non-essentials (i.e. never go online shopping late at night, ) we are all beholden to the lightning fast convenience that is Amazon.

Setup: Amazon Key is being sold as an in-home kit that includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and a smart door lock. Customers can keep track of their packages through an Amazon Key app, which sends out real-time notifications of when a courier arrives. And it could also facilitate a variety of other uses, such as allowing access for guests, cleaning services, or dog walkers. The only solution was to send part of the lock back for a manual update, which would take 5-7 days, or wait for a new lock to be shipped out, which would take two weeks.

It will be interesting to see just how accepted Amazon Key becomes, and how many customers it will ultimately have.

Butler was pretty adamant in her rejection of the very idea of opening her home to a stranger delivering a package, but after explaining how Amazon says it will work, she's all for it.

Other people might feel differently, but I'm perfectly happy with my current system of only allowing people I know into my house when I'm not there.

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