The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers

Game Cube Controller Support Sneakily Added for Switch

Nintendo Switch Works With GameCube Controllers

To make use of a GameCube controller with the Switch, of course you'll need to use the USB adaptor, but the Switch OS natively recognises and utilises the controllers once they are plugged in. It was a long time coming, and a necessary step to bring the Switch closer in line with the PS4 and Xbox One.

This little secret addition in the Nintendo 4.0.0 update means that hardcore fans of the franchise have even more to look forward to in the upcoming years and the inevitable Smash release for the Nintendo Switch.

All a player needs to do is connect a GameCube controller via the Wii U adapter into the Switch dock. Aside from the original Nintendo 64 game, every version of Smash Bros. released since the Gamecube has been playable with a Gamecube controller.

If you're a stickler for the older hardware, preferring the feel of the GameCube's asymmetrical controls to these modern "Pro" gamepads, you're in luck. Is there a new Smash title in the works? However, controls at that time were very much limited, making the controller nearly unusable with most Switch games, notes TechRadar. We may start to see GameCube games making their way to the previously promised virtual console on the Nintendo Switch.

"It was just a small game at first, since we wanted to get something out before the Wii U ended, but it kind of got out of hand, with too many ideas", Newey continues.

Apart from the GameCube controller and video capture support, the update also brings 12 new icons for two different games. Well, it now seems another hidden feature has been uncovered by Twitter user Master Mewking: GameCube controllers now work with the Nintendo Switch. If you don't want one, but still hate your Joy-Cons, the Switch also supports certain Bluetooth controllers.

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