Seemingly Official Listing Of OnePlus 5T Leaks, Coming Soon?

Is this OnePlus 5T render 'leak' proof of new slim-bezel design?

OnePlus 5T With Slim Bezels Leaked In Images Again

The OnePlus 5T is expected to be announced sometime in November, if not early next year. The latest OnePlus 5T leak offers us another glimpse at the device. Today, Android Authority has released a new image of the alleged OnePlus 5T, and it actually reveals some pretty big changes.

When the OnePlus 5 was launched, one of the major criticisms it faced were the thick bezels around the display, especially after it was dubbed as the "flagship killer". All said, OnePlus is yet to confirm the existence of the OnePlus 5T, but the unavailability of the OnePlus 5 in several countries is an indirect hint from the company about the OnePlus 5T arrival.

The smartphone in the leaked pictures has equal top and bottom bezels with nearly no side bezels.

OnePlus has still not confirmed if there is any truth to these rumors and if it's going to come out with a new handset in the near future.

As per the images leaked, the design of the soon-to-be-launched OnePlus 5T is quite a lot similar to the already-available OnePlus 5, which was released in June 2017. The 6-inch Optic AMOLED screen will be bezel-less, following the current trend, and the fingerprint reader is being moved to the rear of the phone.

And the images clearly show the OnePlus 5T with zero bezels on sides and minimal bezels on top and bottom.

Rumours are suggesting that OnePlus has included a dual selfie setup on the 5T, which is a step up from the OnePlus 5's single selfie camera.

The image depicts the handset from both the front and back, with the pictured phone looking nearly identical to the already-available OnePlus 5. Now, if the OnePlus 5T ends up resembling the OPPO R11s, that would not exactly be surprising, as the OnePlus 5 is essentially a rebranded OPPO R11 as far as the design is concerned, even though the OnePlus 5 is quite a bit more powerful.

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