New Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Scene Explores Loki And Thor's Relationship



As a treat to fans in the Philippines, Marvel Studios will debut Thor: Ragnarok much earlier than expected as the action-adventure will have special sneak previews on Tuesday, October 24 starting at 7PM in cinemas nationwide. Honestly, one must wonder if his comments concerning the difficulty of the Star Wars franchise stem, in at least some small part, from the situation with Solo: A Star Wars Story, and original directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller being ousted from the project.

Taika Waititi was interviewed by the New York Times and he doesn't think Lucasfilm will accept his style of direction.

Thor: Ragnarok now has a 4.17 out of 5 User Anticipation Rating, making it the second most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among Users.

He wrote: "Lolz. I like to complete my films".

The filmmaker said: "That particular franchise seems really hard. I'd be fired within a week".

He says that Marvel Studios gives him more creative control. They've taken elements of Planet Hulk's storyline (Greg Pak's brilliant comic series, which I highly recommend) and interweaved it with Thor's Ragnarok plotline.

The world created in Thor: Ragnarok feels lived in with a stark contrast being that Asgard is all shiny whilst Sakaar is a world comprised of discarded junk from the universe and the music is wonderful, embracing the 80's and rock classics such as Iron Maiden's The Immigrant Song! "I'm always going to leave the CG stuff up to someone else".

They're essentially competing directly against each other, and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi just threw the first punch. Waititi could potentially work with Temuera Morrison who is also a New Zealander.

Chris Hemsworth is simply wonderful, in recent years he has really embraced his comic sensibilities and he has truly made Thor his own, I can't quite imagine anyone else in the role, he does it so well.

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