Taliban attack almost wipes out Afghan army camp

US hits Haqqanis again despite Pakistan caution

Taliban launch wave of attacks in Afghanistan, kill 74

At least 43 soldiers were killed in a Taliban suicide bombing on a military base in Kandahar province in Southern Afghanistan, local media reported.

According to the initial reports, a gunbattle occurred between militants and Afghan security forces following two vehicle bombing.

The militants carried out two suicide attacks using two Humvees, armored vehicles stolen from security forces, over an army center in Cheshma area of Maiwand district.

It was the third assault on a security installation this week.

On Tuesday, at least 69 people were killed and scores wounded in Taliban attacks on government compounds in Paktia and Ghazni provinces.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - An Afghan Army unit in the south of the country was nearly completely wiped out Thursday, defense officials said, in a Taliban attack that used what is becoming one of the group's deadliest tactics: packing vehicles captured from security forces with explosives and driving them into military and police compounds.

Nine other militants were killed alongside him in the drone strike, the group's spokesman said.

"A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense (MoD) Dawlat Waziri said: "(The base) has been destroyed completely and those who were inside the camp were martyred. "They have burned down everything they found inside".

"We have sent a delegation to assess the situation".

Condemning the attack on the Afghan National Army base in Kandahar province, India on Thursday criticised Pakistan for providing safe haven to terrorists.

Beleaguered Afghan security forces have faced soaring casualties in their attempts to hold back the insurgents since North Atlantic Treaty Organisation combat forces pulled out of the country at the end of 2014.

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