Hidden secret discovered in new Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Update 4.0 Lets You Transfer Save Data

Switch Update Adds Video Capture

Now, this doesn't necessarily resolve the chat issues with games, as you still need the adapter and what-not to talk with friends, but for those with headsets that they've been waiting to use with the system, this is certain to come as a relief. But the Switch launched with the ability to take screenshots and a promise that video recording would arrive at a later date.

Now, if you hold down that button for a bit longer, it captures the last 30 seconds of gameplay in an editable video.

Nintendo Switch owners, stop playing for a second to update your system to the newest software version.

Mic functionality is still up in the air, so don't expect this update to be a replacement for the Nintendo Switch voice app just yet however.

Super Mario Odyssey is slated to launch this october 27 on the Nintendo Switch.

Another key update is data transfers, although not exactly as fans would like. That's right, Nintendo released a new update for the console, which brings over several neat features, including video captures and support for transferring saved games and profiles to a different console. All of that data, however, will be immediately deleted from the source console. It can be launched by pressing and holding the dedicated screen capture button of the hybrid console, and once recording is finished, the video will be saved to the Nintendo Switch album.

New profile icons featuring characters from Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

However, those two big additions aren't the only things of note lurking in this patch. Once you download the update it will reboot your system and then you can enjoy all the benefits that 4.0.0 has to offer. Just attach your Joy-Cons to the Switch unit and head over to the Controller section of the System Settings menu.

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